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Hv.Com International S.A. is a multimedia production company, created in Benelux on January 2000.

Today, music synchronization to visual content is the company's main activity, but Hv.Com starting activities (production and music publishing) are still at the heart of the company's day-to-day priorities. Like any actor in the music industry, Hv.Com transferred its different catalogues Art-Com, Hv.Com, Hérisson Vert, Collection Dansez, Let's Dance, Warm-Up and Filigram' Classical on the main digital distribution platforms.

Hv.Com is a member of SACEM in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; the company has many ties in Benelux, which has been host to many radios, TVs and musical styles. On top of publishing rights, the company also manages the neighbouring rights of third party producers, under mandates of collective management.

Finally, Hv.Com has a more recent capability in the development of mobile applications (Apps), for its own needs or its clients'.

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Music synchronization to films, TV shows, documentaries, games and websites is today the main activity of Hv.Com International.

Synchronization is the illustration of visual content, usually with music. A branch of the company LEPM is specialised in synchronization of music to visual content (films, ads, etc.).

When a music is composed specially for a movie or commercial, the audiovisual producer signs an order contract with the author or his representatives. Within reasonable costs, the producer can also use preexisting music, selecting an existing title more or less famous, or by choosing library music, which is even more affordable.

To use a piece of music in audiovisual content, one needs the authorization of its publisher and producer of the master, while negotiating terms of payment for this authorization. In all transparency, but without constraints or added cost for its clients, LEPM takes care of all this legal regularisation, in the best of their interests, by finding the publisher of the piece (usually a member of SACEM) as well as the producer of the master record, that information usually bein recorded in SPPF or SCPP. LEPM asks them for an estimate of the price for the authorization they are looking for, by providing the budged of the movie, the time of the extract, the exploitation conditions of the movie and the time of exploitation. Once the right holders and the producers settle on a price, a synchronization contract can be considered.

You wish to use one of our musics? Contact us and we will try to reply within a day.

Music was the starting point for Hv.Com International S.A. in 2000.

With its labels and catalogues Art-Com, Hv.Com, Hérisson Vert, Collection Dansez, Let's Dance, Warm-up and Warm-Up Classical, the company is an independent producer with a large variety of records that it manages by itself or in license through international distributors of CD-DVD (Sony Music, Universal, Wagram Music, Walt Disney, Edel, Lepm...), films (HBO, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, France Télévision...) or marketing agencies operating for famous clients (Club Med, Mercedes Benz, Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire, Citroën, Desperados, Royal Air Maroc…)

Hv.Com answers in a day to any query regarding recording license, for any style of music that it develops (World Music, Classical, Jazz, Country, Pop, Dance, Kids) for any CD-DVD reproduction, synchronization, advertisement. Each album, compilation, commercial music project is carefully considered, under conditions favoring the faisability of the project.

Whether you are a major actor in communication, an independent producer or a small business with a specific project requiring the usage of music, please do not hesitate to contact us




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